Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wildfire Designs Fat Bikes

I'll admit it - I have Fat Bike lust going on in a big way. I'd love to have a Surly Pugsley or one of these Wildfire Fat Bikes. I'm not versed in the ways of the fat bike enough to know which would be a better choice, but they both look pretty sweet. I'm staying away from learning too much about these bikes until that magical time in the future when I have a compelling reason to own one.

For now its good enough to know their are option and to enjoy some casual Fat Bike porn. I'll just dream of the day Angelina Jolie stops by for coffee, a massage and to deliver my new Fat Bike...hahaha...=-)

For those who want to know more about these Wildfire Fat Bikes Dave Byers has one and has a blog about some of his exploits.

Big IS Beautiful...!


Anonymous said...

Vik, you have about 60 miles of reason to own a fat bike. To the west of where you live is the Rockies and the training grounds of the Canadian MTB teams in Canmore.


Vik said...

I hear what you are saying and you are correct it is just that I can use a similar rationale to justify quite a few other bikes. I gotta keep my bike lust in check or I'll end up like one of those old ladies who live alone with 50 cats!

In any case at the moment a Bike Friday Tikit is ahead of a Fat Bike on my priority list if just HAD to buy a new bike...=-)