Friday, December 07, 2007

Peterbuilt Randonneur For Sale

Sold! - thanks Jay.


This frame was built for me by Peter McAdams of Peterbuilt Recumbents. I bought it to build up as a randonneuring bent in the winter of 2007. I had read a very positive review of Peter’s bents by a BROL member who was also a Canadian randonneur. He had put many miles on his Peterbuilt while training and riding brevets. I found out that Peter is also an experienced recumbent randonneur. So I ordered a frame from him confident it would be an excellent long distance machine. However, while I was waiting for it to be built a used Fujin SL became available at a great price. I couldn’t resist buying it. I figured I’d keep one of the two bents. As fate would have it I fell head over heels in love with the Fujin and never built up the Peterbuilt. I kept it all summer in the hopes I’d find a use for it that would justify a third bent in my life. Alas even though I still regard it as an exceptional recumbent I’m a born again lowracer fanatic so I don’t see myself ever going back to the high altitude of a dual 26” recumbent.

What you are buying:

  • a brand new steel SWB recumbent frame [never built up and never ridden]matte black stealth powdercoat
  • designed for use with dual 26” wheels
  • can be used with a 20” wheel up front to lower the BB
  • the frame accepts disc brakes [I’ll throw in some nearly new [~100kms] Tektro disc brakes calipers & rotors that I took off a bent I bought so I could put Avid BB7s on it]
  • the frame has a long wheelbase [52.75”] designed for comfort and stability at all speeds
  • Volae hardshell seat and seat pad [slightly used, but they both look new]
  • Seat is attached via 2 quick release skewers for easy removal. When you reattach the seat it will be back exactly where it was before removal – no adjustment required
  • Seat height is 22” as shown in pics. Note seat is shown in most forward position as you move seat back it will lower seat height. The low seat height is great for getting feet to the ground easily at stops.
  • Custom over/under idler
  • Custom riser and bars
  • FSA ISIS bottom bracket
  • This frame/fork has lots of clearance for wider tires and fenders

What is shown in the pics that is not being sold with the frame:

  • cranks & pedals are not part of sale
  • the wheels shown are from my city bike are just in the pic to show you what the frame looks like off the ground

Who should buy this frame:

  • someone with an X-seam of around 42.5” [there is quite a bit of adjustment for longer X-seams and a few inches of adjustment for shorter X-seams] the boom and the seat both move so you can adjust for length length and optimize your weight distribution
  • someone looking for a brevet bike. This bike is very comfortable and stable. It can easily accept all the randonneur goodies – fenders, wider tires, racks/luggage.
  • someone looking for a fast touring bike. This frame is strong enough to haul a lot of gear and is very comfortable for long days in the saddle. You can mount an underseat rack, rear rack and/or tow a trailer with this frame.

This is a beautiful frame that has been lovingly built by a hardcore rider. It deserves to be out on the road – not leaning up against the wall of my office.

Dean Zimmer’s Review of his Peterbuilt rando bent [these are the same frames with very minor differences]

Note: seat stays [shown in silver in pic above] can be trimmed once you determine your optimum seat angle.

Price: $1000 [USD/CDN] shipped anywhere in North America.

I can provide more pics or more details upon request.

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