Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ortlieb Velocity

Heading to Deanna's new store's opening night I knew I'd have to buy something to demonstrate my solidarity and support her new enterprise. No big deal that is what friend's are for, but I figured I might end up with some stuff I wasn't 100% stoked about since they carry mostly housewares and high culinary products. I was really happy to see that they carried Ortlieb products. I'm a sucker for German welded PVC bags!...=-)

I bought a Velocity backpack. 100% waterproof and very comfortable. It will carry around 20L and like most Ortlieb bags is just one big container with no sub-divisions. Although this one does have a small snap in organizer to keep small items near the top of the bag for easy access.

I'm happy I got something cool and got to help out someone I care about - that's a win win!

Note: the Blurr cellphone pocket is an old accessory I got from MEC.


Jerome said...

Right on. Looks cool. Backpacks are nice sometimes. I've never given a messanger bag a go becouse I've never had a beef against a good pack. Cheers.

Jason said...

I stumbled across your blog while looking for pics of a bike. I've been considering purchasing an Ortlieb Velocity, but was unsure if it was the right size/price/fit for me. Do you ride with your bag a lot? Does it compare well to other bags you've rode with? Could you describe how much you could fit (like an example...I don't know..maybe groceries?)? Thanks!

Vik said...

Hey Jason,

Have a look at the specs for the Velocity here:

It's a medium sized bag [20L] so it will be great for most everyday loads, but will not be ideal if you need to carry something on the large side.

If you need more volume, but want a similar bag check out the Ortlieb Messenger Bag Classic:

Similar style waterproof backpack, but it has a volume of 30L so it's 50% bigger than the Velcoity.

I use the Velocity a lot and like it a great deal. It's durable waterproof and looks good. It's the right size for 90% of my loads. and is small enough not to get in the way when I'm not carrying much.

I hope that helps.