Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vik's Tikit

The virtual bike idea didn't work out as planned! I ended up buying a Bike Friday Tikit for real. I did manage to cover the cost and make some room by selling a recumbent frame and a dynohub wheel. I setup a Tikit blog to keep all my Tikit content in one place.


Anonymous said...

Vik, Vik, Vik... so much for our wager. ;-)

Seriously... cool bike! I'm looking forward to hear how it works for you.


trsnrtr said...

Vik, you really do need bike buying counseling! Just kidding...

Maybe it's time for a folder vs. road bike thread on Bike forums. ;-)

Vik said...
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Vik said...

Hahaha...Alan I never made any wager about folders - just bents!

Dennis - there is a method to my madness. I tried a few bents and homed in on the ones I really liked and now I haven't bought a bent since the spring and don't see myself buying another until the Fujin needs replacing.

Same thing with DF touring bikes and same thing with folders.

Okay maybe I have too many bikes...=-) But, all my bikes totaled up don't come near the cost of a new SUV.