Sunday, December 02, 2007

Light Mounts

Steve Rice from the Randon List makes these light mounts. They can be mounted as shown on the right side of your QR or on a fork braze-on. He is selling them for $12.50 each + $5 shipping [in the US its $5 for any number and in Canada it is $5 for shipping for one or two mounts]. Leave me a comment or email me for his contact info if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

I'd like Steve's contact info please.
paco at pobox dot com

Steve said...

I have added an upgrade to these mounts. I have now added a steel threaded insert. The threads which will engage the quick release skewer are now steel. This should be a much stronger mount now. This has increased the price to $15 each plus shipping.

rtruectoc said...

i would love his contact info. lots of people on the bob list would.

Steve said...

Hi, my contact info is srice AT insightbb DOT com