Saturday, October 13, 2007

Toronto Anyone?

I'll be working in Ontario [near Ipperwash] for the next month or so. Unless the shit really hits the fan I should have weekends off and I'll be heading for TO to see my parents. If anyone in the TO area wants to hook up for a beer/wings and talk bikes just let me know. I won't have a bike with me..=-(


Anonymous said...

Hey Vik,

I've been reading your blog for sometime ( Turd Ferguson from BF ). I live right downtown beside the dome. Send me a e-mail ( or PM on BF if you'd like to get together for a beer...or two.


Steeker said...

aaaaaaaaawww no bike so no racing eh :-( ,,, I could ready my cross country racing mountain bike for you eh

Tanya said...

Hi, always up for bike chat. Send me an email crazybikerchick at gmail. Had been taking a blog reading break so sorry I didn't see this earlier. If you are around I think it is Nov 11 we are having a human powered vehicles of Toronto get together for food/beer/etc. Also if you want to ride may be able to lend you a Raleigh Twenty or something.