Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dinotte Light Sale

E-mail from Dinnotte Lighting...

"Customer appreciation weekend. We're having a big sale on our AA headlight and AA taillight.

DiNotte Lighting invites all customers and non customers to participate in a very special offer. Starting on Friday at midnight we will have two items available at unprecedented prices.

DiNotte AA headlight - Our full featured 200 lumen headlight, standard 12 inch cord length, including the headlight, battery holder, and handlebar mount only (batteries, charger and helmet mount deleted) for a weekend only price of 99.00 USD + shipping and handling. (International orders MUST go EXPRESS mail)

DiNotte AA Taillight - The Taillight everyone raves about that never goes on sale is on sale this weekend only. System includes taillight engine, battery holder and taillight mount (batteries and charger deleted) $100.00 USD+ shipping and handling. (International orders MUST go EXPRESS mail)

If you have any questions regarding either of these products, please view our website and store.

This item is the perfect gift for someone who needs a light, a spare light. This sale starts on Friday at 12:01 am GMT and will run through Sunday. No other items will be on sale over the weekend and no substitutions can be made. Simply visit our website at and click on online store, then select Pro-Series (AA) Lights.

All product will ship Friday, Saturday and Monday. This is our premium product, not a factory second or last year's model.

No phone orders please. This offer is internet only and will not be extended. Any placed but unpaid orders will be canceled when the sale items are taken off of the web store.

Thank you
DiNotte Lighting"

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Jim said...


It's a good deal! My "power" rear light has been dying (not really designed as a bike light, although super bright) and this was a great opportunity to replace it. Cletus' battery pack directions are also useful, although I'm hoping to get adequate life in strobe mode for my usual riding. Probably easier to carry spare AA's. Thanks for posting this!