Monday, October 08, 2007

Raleigh Sojourn

Lyndon mentioned this new bike from Raleigh on the Surly LHT/CC List. It would make a nice commuter/errand bike. Click on the pic for more info.


Doug said...

Since I prefer steel and nothing else, I really like the looks of this bike. After studying the picture, I found it odd that there are no eyelets for fenders or racks on the front fork. ?? Regardless, nice to see Raleigh attempting to put something like this on the market.

aloyzius said...

Yes, there are eyelets for racks on the front fork. If you go to you can blow up the picture, and they're there. I like this bike a lot. It doesn't have the greatest wheels in the world, but I think overall it looks pretty solid.

I wonder when this thing will ship.