Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Optima Baron B2B Tandem

I'm not really a tandem person and the design/aesthetic of most recumbent tandems doesn't appeal to me. That was until I saw this beauty and found myself reaching for my VISA card! Luckily it is a one of a kind bike made by Tim Biesemans ( so I don't have to eat Kraft Dinner for the next couple years...=-)

AFAIK this tandem team successfully completed PBP.

Pics from SIR Flickr site.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever rode the MicWic tandem that the Purple Pirate and his SO traveled on last year across Canada.
Here is this years blog,
Here is the backwards peddlars comments.
Here is Vic G.'s photos when they were in Ottawa at an HPVOoO supper.
I do not know if I would want to stoke facing the wrong way for any more than a test ride though? :-)