Saturday, October 20, 2007

Canning Stock Route by Bike

Jakub rode the 2000km Canning Stock Route completely unsupported in 33 days. He has a great site with some stunning pics that are well worth a look. His accomplishment is pretty amazing as a 4WD vehicle will typically take 14 days to make this journey.

Jeremy did you know he was riding a Surly Pugsley???


Jerome said...

Yes yes yes. I was trying to ignore that fact. I think you're taunting me.

How's this; I'll buy one if you buy one?!

It's just one of those bikes that's in a class of it's own. You really can't do on any other bike, what you can do on a pugs.

Besides, bent season is pretty much over right???

Vik said...

Oh ya the bent season is over - at least by the time I get back to Calgary.

I tell you what you get a Pug. I'll tell you how stunningly adventurous you look riding it and we can drink some beers while planning the first all swamp crossing of the Florida everglades....=-)

In a drunken haze I'll probably find II have ordered one online!