Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taifun Bling

I'm not a parts snob. I'll use the right part for the right job and I rarely succumb to the temptation to upgrade to parts heaven. As a result I only have ever owned 4-5 XTR or Dura Ace components. I'm not convinced they are really better, in a practical way, than my usual level of components [LX-XT or 105]. I have even owned and been happy with Tiagra or Deore parts in some applications.

Having said all that I do find that key components [shifting/drive train] do work noticeably better as you work up to the LX - 105 gruppos. My Taifun came with Deore Cranks, Tiagra Rear Der and RSX Front Der. When I first received the Taifun the shifting worked okay, but had started to deteriorate since it became my main ride. So I kept my eyes open for some good deals on replacement bits and found some 105 components that needed a home. I'll keep the RSX Front Der for now and just swap out the rest of the drive train. The Dura Ace bar end shifters [one of three sets of Dura Ace goodies I own!] are working well and keep reminding my why I prefer them to Grip Shift any day.

Now I just need some time to put this working man's bling on my Taifun.

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