Monday, July 09, 2007

2006 Volae Expedition - Sold....=-(

Sold to Jeremey!

I have a 2006 Volae Expedition for sale. The bike has 700miles on it and has been well taken care of + stored inside my apartment. I paid $2100.00USD + shipping for this bike in Oct 2006 - I would like $1650USD + shipping for this sweet bike. The Expedition handles very well and was setup as my long distance bike. It can be loaded up for touring or if you want a go fast bike throw on some narrow high pressure tires and mix it up on the road.

I ended up buying two lowracers after the Expedition and decided I was born to be low to the ground! The Expedition has treated me well and is a pleasure to ride. The Hostel Shoppe has provided outstanding service/support for this bent. If I didn't live in a small 2 bedroom apartment and have a GF who also wants 2 bents I'd keep the Expedition - reality however has sunken in - I just don't have room for 5 bents & a DF touring bike. I'm sad to see this bent go as it is such an well designed and built machine. Every detail is well thought out and the Waterford frame - built in the USA is a work of art. If Volae ever made a lowracer I would line up to buy the first one.


- large iron glimmer frame [rust proofed]
- medium fibre glass seat w/ brand new Volae seat pad

The bike is stock and you can see the full specs here.

Extras: [it comes with the following items in addition to the stock components]

- Planet Bike Protege 8.0 bike computer
- Hostel Shoppe fenders
- 28T granny
- jump stop chain keeper
- seat adjustment QR kit

I have the original Volae shipping box and material so I can repackage the Expedition as new. This means no damage to the bike and 5 mins of assembly for you. I'll include the owners manual to ensure the process is trouble free.

Want even more info on this bike? Just type "Volae" into the search box at the top left of the screen. This will show you all my posts and pics on this nice bent.


Anonymous said...

If you can not sell it and space is limited. Why not use some hooks in the ceiling and keep it high away from head knocks. BTW, what Cdn price are you looking at and do you have a shipping cost for eastern parts. I will mention it when people ask about my Strada etc...


Vik said...

Thanks! Say $1700.00CDN + $100 shipping any where in Canada.

Jim said...

Cool that you are hanging onto your Expedition! I think your advertising was so effective you wound up selling yourself on your bike! For obscure reasons, it pleases me that my Expediton will continue to have a "sibling" in Alberta! Hope you get out often to enjoy all your very cool bents!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, we are definitely going to want to see how you are going to store all the bikes. :-)


PS BTW, where are you going to put the trike that you are getting next? Ha Ha.