Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny Judge Judy Bicycle Accident Case

Found on BROL.


Nednerb said...

I watched this last night and, for the most part, I really enjoyed it. I thought the cyclist did a great job of keeping his cool at times when I think I would have flipped out. What really bothered me though was that this dingbat lady seems to think that she can just back out in front of someone and not be at fault for causing an accident. She apparently thinks that if she backs out in front of a cyclist that it's not going to be her fault. Maybe I'm confused, but it seems like it's her responsibility to make sure no one is coming before she backs out of her driveway. Stupid Americans.

lightninglad said...

There is a public delusion that somehow cyclists are second class citizens and they have no rights at all. If a Hummer had cleaned up her dog, would she have blamed the driver?
This delusion exists in the US, the UK and Australia, places with 'car cultures.'
It does NOT exist in Scandinavia, France and presumably other European countries.
Watching the deluded, self justifying stupidity of the defendants made me angry. There's a definite need for a public education campaign to instil respect for cyclists. I won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.