Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bragg Creek Solo

Fujin ready for battle

I have been working a lot lately. Too much, but that is my reality for the short term. As a result I haven't been riding as much as I'd like. I worked all day at home till nearly 7pm and was pretty exhausted - my apartment is hot at the moment! I kept walking past my Fujin all day wishing I'd have more time to ride it. Anyways at 7pm I figured I should just get my ass out the door and ride a bicycle.

What a great decision. I rode out along the familiar Bragg Creek route 30kms with a pretty fierce side & headwind. The Fujin handled that great and I managed a 29kph avg going there. The return was fast with the wind mostly helping me. I love cruising at 50kph on this bent - it feels like a land speeder from Star Wars. The return leg was also really beautiful because the sun was setting behind me and everything in my field of vision was bathed in a magical golden light. The return leg avg speed was 41.5kph.

This was my first solo ride on the Fujin and I am very happy with it. I like riding fast and I really like passing every DF bike I see. Don't get me wrong I'm a DF road biker as well, but the best way to get other DF roadies to respect bents is to crush them...=-) It is for their own good - really!

I'm getting my Solidlights 1203D setup on my Fujin soon so there won't be any reason not to ride in the evenings.

Ride more - work less. I gotta remember that!

Happy at the end of the ride


Anonymous said...

SO Vik, what is the topographic of the area like? Were you also going into a headwind uphill? There fore your return would be downhill and tail wind (I dream about riding like that, esp w/o the uphill at all). Anyways, wow is it ever a LOW racer. A few more rides and you may catch up to Jerome on his new Volae, eh! BTW, as it is raining here I was wondering what would be the affects/effects or riding a low racer in a driving rain?


Vik said...

The first 20K are westbound and have several climbs with a wind coming from the SW. The next 10K are headed gradually uphill in a SW direction.

Although there are climbs on the 20K leg they are fairly long and gradual vs. the short steep ones that really kill your speed.

I have been in a serious T-storm on my Taifun - not fun. The front wheel is blocked by the seat/frame, but the back wheel dumps dirty water right into your helmet and down your back...=-( I have fenders on order for both my lowracer bikes!

A slight downhill and a tailwind is pretty freaking awesome....=-)