Monday, May 28, 2007

Sarah Unleashes Her Rocket...

Sunday was supposed to be wet and cool, but the Weather Gods smiled on us and the rain held off until the early evening. Sarah has been eager to ride her Rocket and with an up coming mini-tour between Canmore & Banff on the books it seemed prudent to get a ride in.

We battled the insanity of the bike path crowds through downtown and then headed out towards Max Bell Arena. In some ways the bike paths are a very challenging place to learn to ride a bent with lots of tight 90 deg turns, narrow paths and many trail obstacles [ ie. other users!].

Sarah did well - especially on the climbs. I think the Rocket's upright seating really helps with that and it has pretty benign slow speed handling.

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Steeker said...

YAY for Sarah ! preety coole eh