Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Getting dirty with my Volae

I took all the bags and tools off my Volae to weigh it. She's a portly 33lbs including fenders, seat cushion and pedals. Fully loaded with my rando gear, but no water she weighs 39lbs. No wonder I get such a great uphill workout! I could leave the spare tire at home and put on some lighter rubber & lighter pedals. That would save around 1 to 2lbs. Maybe later in the season. For now I'll just take a perverse pleasure in riding the heaviest bike on the brevet.

Stripped down she looks quite sexy and simple. I have to hand it to Volae they really hit a home run with these bents. Every detail has been well executed and nothing has been overlooked. Probably the best designed bike I own.

I took the opportunity to adjust the seat bit more in search of the perfect fit. Volae has developed a really smart seat clamp that adjusts with two QRs and completely releases the seat with two other QRs. It makes seat adjustments a snap and when you remove and reinstall the seat it goes back on in exactly the same position.

I adjusted the headset and made sure my disc rotors/calipers were bolted on securely. It is a nice feeling to go over your bike making sure everything is just right. Now I need to get her out on the road for another ride.

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Dennis T said...

Looks good, Vik. How's that over/under idler working out?