Monday, May 21, 2007

Challenge Taifun

Here is my Taifun setup for commuting. The large Hostel Shoppe seatbag is my only luggage for my daily runs to work. I do have some Radical Designs panniers that I can hang off the bike if I need to carry more. It seems like such a little bike compared to my Volae, but it actually weighs more! Every part is on the beefy side and the Taifun has rear suspension as well. I'm not expecting to break any speed records with it, but for commuting and touring it should do just fine.

I am using Time ATAC Control Z pedals [love 'em and have them on 4 bikes!]. The BB and cranks are lower end Shimano units with a 39T & 52T double chainring mated to a RSX front der. Everything up front is bombproof and will be trouble free. When it comes time to replace parts I'll use something lighter and a little sexier.

This is the front return side chain idler. It looks nice, but is fairly noisy.

The disc brakes are Avid rotors paired with some Tektro calipers. I have some Avid BB7 calipers I'll throw on at some point when I am in the mood for some wrenching. The wheels themselves are 32H Jet rims and Deore disc hubs - they are burley and VERY heavy. I am thinking of upgrading to something lighter along the lines of a set of Velocity Aerheat wheels, but they don't make a pre-built rear wheel in 20" [406]. I'll use these for now and appreciate their training value!

I mounted a FastBack Systems water bottle holder under the seat. I had to add a zip tie to keep it from rotating. I prefer a water bottle for commuting rather than a hydration bladder. I don't need that much H2O on a 1hr commute and water bottles are easier to clean.

I threw on an old Cateye Mitty3 computer. These bike computers keep going and going and going.... I have them on three bikes - love 'em. I am using Paul's Thumbies and Dura Ace bar end shifters to control the gears. Avid brake levers keep the speed under control.

The rear shock is a coil over an oil dampening unit which is cleverly hidden under the seat. I've only been out on one test ride and the smooth streets didn't allow me to gauge the effectiveness of the suspension.

The power side chain idler and start of the power side chain tube. I moved the chain tube further away from the idler after this pic was taken. The big toothed idler works well, but like the front one, it is quite noisy.

The wheels are shod with some Continental 20" x 1.1" SportContact tires. I'll roll with these for now and see how they perform. The Taifun has loads of clearance for wide tires so I will eventually put on something like a Schwalbe Marathon Racer 20" x 1.5"

A Tiagra rear der moves the chain around in back. I have a XTR rear der in my parts box that may go on. I want to see how the Tiagra unit does before I switch. The cassette is a 11T-28T 8 speed unit. I have a 9 speed 11-34 cassette that I may put on, but I am not sure there will be any need for such low gearing with a 20" rear wheel.

Here the Taifun is setup with Hostel Shoppe seatbag and Radical Designs Lowracer panniers. I'll use these bags for lightweight credit card tours.


Steeker said...

That's a sweet bike. I thought it would be faster than the vola ?

Vik said...

Well I haven't made any comparison rides, but it is heavier and has smaller wheels so I'd guess it will be slower. I'll definitely let you know how it does...=-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, I just get out of convalesing (cant speel sick) for the last 4-6 days, and I see this. WOW, I am currently having the hi racer low racer discussion with a bud here in Ottawa. He says that the lower bent will be more aero, so faster. Good on you! Let us know when you get some speed data happening.


Vik said...

Glad you are feeling better B. I think the lowracer will be faster due to aerodynamics on smooth roads, but on rough roads the big wheels roll better.

In my case the lowracer is quite heavy so I don't think it has much of a chance!

Jim said...

Vik: Extremely cool looking bike - and great for commuting over rough city streets. Astounding that it's heavier than your Expedition, but it looks bomb-proof! Also - Sarah's Rocket looks great! Should be a lot of fun for casual rides and light touring.

Steeker said...

I pass volas all the time on my little Giro 20 but get DROPED by taifun's