Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I only run two kinds of pedals on my bikes - TIME ATAC & Crank Bros Eggbeaters. That's probably one brand too many, but I'm not going to throw any pedals out, so for the moment I have two incompatible types of cleats on my footwear and I have to switch pedals to use all my shoes. Not a huge deal, but all my TIME ATACs are of the Control-Z variety - heavy platform pedals with SPD type mechanism in the middle. Ideal for touring or running errands. Not so ideal for performance riding. Understandably I put svelte Crank Bros Eggbeaters on my Fujin SL. They are light and functional - that just about sums up my Fujin also - a perfect match. Except that the only shoes I have Eggbeater cleats on are a pair of old road shoes without a walking sole. These are fine for a fast road ride where I am unlikely to get off the bike except at the start/finish, but brevets are another story. I'm pretty good about clip-clopping around in them, but I know that sooner or later I'm either going to take a flyer at a control or end up having to walk a fair distance [mechanical/fatigue, etc..]. Now I have MTB style SPD shoes and SPD sandals with TIME cleats installed. If only I had some lightweight TIME pedals to put on my Fujin.

Nashbar came to the rescue with a coupon and a sale on pedals that combined made the lovely pair of ATAC XS pedals a decent deal. These will get installed on my Fujin and let me wear a variety of useful footwear on brevets without a huge weight penalty.

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