Friday, September 14, 2007

Fujin gets ready for the long haul...

My Fujin SL has been a great bike all summer, but I've had a few modifications I have been wanting to make that would transform it from my fair weather go-fast bike to a capable long distance bike.

I installed the Solidlights 1203D on the Fujin's BB where there is a handy tab just for this purpose. This tab makes for a very secure attachment of the headlight which is teamed up with a Shimano dynohub built into a 32H 406 Velocity Razor rim. Interesting note the Shimano hub actually generates more resistance without any load than with a small load - strange, but true. Luckily the 1203D actually draws a small amount of power when turned off so they are a good combination.

Having water dumped down the back of your jersey can get old as I found out on my Taifun thus fenders were a must have item for riding this bike in all weather conditions. The front is a SKS fender from a set meant for Challenge bents. It require that some material be removed from around the area of the fork and brakes to fit. I'm using zipties with eyelets to attach the fender at the bottom. I'd like a more rigid mount for this fender so I'll have to have something fabricated over the winter - perhaps a visit to Jeremy's shop will be in order.

The rear fender is from a 700c SKS P35 Chromoplastic set. It works better and looks nicer than the rear SKS fender I got as part of the Challenge fender set - go figure. It mounts at the brake bridge, through the lower disc brake mount on the left and through a hole in the frame near the dropout on the right. I had to move my Planet Bike Superflash down and use the same mounting hole as the fender. In the upper disc mount hole, where it had been attached, the Superflash and fender strut interfered with each other.

I'm using a Fastback Systems bottle holder under the left side of the seat to keep my water bottle handy and a Fastback Systems Norback frame bag attached under the seat to hold tools plus spare parts.

I removed the Fastback Systems 70L bag that used to live on the left side of my Fujin tucked under the seat. The 70L was perfect for day rides in nice weather as it had just enough storage without letting you get carried away. In its place I mounted a Radical Designs Solo Racer seat bag that provides two 5L compartments on either side of the seat that don't interfere with the rear wheel or chain. Although this isn't a huge amount of storage it is quite a lot more than the 70L. I'll put the 70L back on when I am going on shorter rides or in addition to the Solo Racer when I need a lot of storage or want to put a hydration bladder in it.

I had to remove the water bottle cage I had attached to the top rear of my seat as it interfered with the Solo Racer. I'll just put that water bottle into the seat bag.

I added quite a lot of reflective tape to various parts of the Fujin. I think it will be particularly effective on the rear fender.


Jim said...

Nice setup. Lightijng has always been an issue for me. The Shimano hub is next for me to for riding next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, I do not know how true this hypothesis is. But on my sons Catrike Pocket and my various rides. I put multiple rear lights, usually on high (top of flag pole on Pocket)as in my helmet. And either one or two rear lights lower, making a triangle. I go by the theme of do not only be seen but be remembered. When my son had his incident two weeks ago, the car that passed him forgot he was there when it was time for her to make her turn. I have tried to get him to be "remembered" not seen and driven by on his df. When he is riding/driving the Catrike there are many rear lights. So maybe you should try to mount a few more lights in the rear.


Vik said...

Jim - the Shimano dynohub works great for short rides [say under 100K], but I wasn't loving it on my 300K this weekend a bit too much drag for my liking. Were are still talking single digit % drag, but it was noticeable when tired and I needed all my energy to move the bike forward. It would be perfect for commuting and shorter rides though. Great price. I'll probably put wheel up for sale [for the price of the hub only] so I can fund another expensive SON hub with lower drag. Solidlights 1203D is a great light if you are looking for a dynohub light.

B - I use another light on my helmet and load of reflective tape on my bike. I think the reflective tape is actually better than lights in many cases as it turns the firepower from those bright car headlights back at the driver.

I didn't hear about your son's incident. I hope he is okay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vik, he is okay. He was passing a vehicle which had slowed up when the vehicle in front of it turned right off the road to a side street. Then she turned behind the truck, he did not see any turn signals as he was beside her doing 44kph and was passing her. As he flew throught the air he yelled out "check your blind spot". In my mind he was totally at fault. Yes he is fine, a few scrapes, checked out at a local hospital no broken bones, just scrapes. Not been back on the bike yet, something about a charlie horse and hitting a car. :-)

BTW, can you measure your seat height from ground, and then the middle of your bottom bracket.
PS I think that Planet Bike's rear light is the cat's meow for sure.

Vik said...

B- glad to hear you son is okay - 44kph is a lot of kinetic energy to dissipate in a crash.

The Fujin seat height is 13" and the BB is 21 3/4".

deanzimmer said...

Hi Vik

I appreciate seeing how you have bags set up on your Fujin. Thanks.

Did you order the Radical Designs Solo Racer seat bag direct from radical or is there a domestics retailer handling it? The only similar bag I have seen is this



Vik said...

No worries Dean. I hope you join the Fujin gang so we have one more person to draw upon for good ideas on setting up & riding these bikes.

I like the FBS products, but I haven't used the one your provided the link for. I do like the 70L on the Fujin and will use it on brevets. I own the double century, but the right-side bag won't work on the Fujin due to the chainline.

I really like the Radical designs products and got mine from Dana at Bent Up Cycles. I've also got them from Calhoun Cycles in the past.