Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fujin Brevet Report Card

My recent 300K brevet was the longest distance I've ever cycled and the most time I have spent on the Fujin. With a bit of night riding at either end of the brevet I had an opportunity to evaluate the Fujin and determine what I might want to change for the 2008 brevet season.

What worked:
  • Ergonomics were excellent. Besides muscle soreness in my legs I felt completely comfortable over the 15.5hrs of the ride.
  • Handling was superb regardless of speed or how I was feeling.
  • The bike was fast - especially on the flats, gradual inclines and into headwinds. I lost the DFs on the steeper climbs, but the difference wasn't huge. With a bit more hill training I think I can stay in contact on most climbs.
  • Fenders weren't tested by rain, but they stayed in place and didn't cause any issues.
  • Solidlights 1203D provided ample light to ride by.
  • Rear blinkie stayed in place and was very bright.
  • Luggage worked well and provided enough storage during day when I shed my warm clothing.
  • Mechanically the Fujin was trouble free. Shifting and braking worked well.
  • I ate a reasonable amount at each control and drank well on the bike.
  • My clothing choices worked for all but the coldest parts of the ride.

What didn't:
  • Shimano dynohub had a lot of resistance. It was made for a 700c wheel and is spinning much faster in a small 406 wheel.
  • I became tired in the last 100Ks of the ride - particularly on the climbs.
  • I had some minor chaffing due to a seam in my Volae bents shorts.
Things to do before 2008 season:
  • Work on lighting. I may invest in a SON 20" dynohub to replace my Shimano 406 wheel. I'm also thinking about getting a Dinotte light that I can use as a helmet light and as a bike headlight. I'll wait until after the new year to pull the trigger on this. Lighting options are changing uber fast these days.
  • Buy spare 406 Stelvio to carry on brevets.
  • Buy 650c Conti Ultra Gatorskin to use as rear tire. Not 100% if I'll carry a rear spare. If I do I can fold up the current Vred Fortezza and use it.
  • Install FBS 70L under left side of seat for extra storage.
  • Sort out rain gear. Needs to pack down small for easy storage when not used.
  • Get some Time ATAC pedals for Fujin so I can use all my cycling footwear on this bike. The current eggbeaters only work with my 1 pair of road bike shoes - not great to walk in.
  • Start bike commuting as early as possible in the spring to get my base mileage in early.
  • I need to train with more weight or perhaps using the Taifun since it is a similar bike, but heavier.
  • Investigate the chaffing due to my Volae shorts and see what can be done about it. This is the first time this has happened.


Jerome said...

Hey Vik,

On the chaffing, body glide works well. When I'm running, this is a must. If you can't figure out how to stop the chaffing (it might be regardless of what you're wearing, just the fact that you're riding 300k) this stuff will eliminate the chaffing for sure. Running Room carries it and it's magical.


Vik said...

The chaffing was due to a seam on the shorts rubbing me raw. Not sure why that happened this time and not on previous 200K rides???

Anonymous said...

Owww, as some one who suffers terribly from chaffing I know where you come from. Any ways enough about my dermagraphitis. Good ride, maybe you can do a little more info, such as what and how often for fuel, water etc... Someone in Niagara Falls (Barron Thompson) had the Dinotte rear lights on during the day and they were really strong. But like you say, lights are really changing fast. One of our HPVOoO members has the $400.xx Planet Bike Alias light and it is really bright. I am not sure how long they last, and I believe the battery is internal as in not good for brevets. BTW to avoid chaffing, I have to make sure shorts have no seams.