Saturday, September 08, 2007

LHT goes city

Between reading about Kent P's $20 "do everything" bike, Mike B's new business venture selling utility/commuter bikes and the MN Bike Commuter Blog's sweet Xtracycle project I was finally motivated to finish a mod to my LHT that has been on my radar for a year. I had picked up a milk crate that I wanted to add to the front rack of my LHT last year, but never actually made it happen. Reading about all these cool practical bikes I finally decided to get it done. Ten minutes and a handful of zipties later my LHT had a nice front basket and I was asking myself why I waited so long to do that.

I took the opportunity to run down south to Planet Organic and pick up some essentials: beans, rice, soap and curry paste. I put about 70% of the weight in the back and 30% in the milk crate. You definitely knew you were carrying something up front, but the LHT handled the load without a problem. When it started to rain I could just grab my jacket out of the crate and put it on without wasting a lot of time getting into my panniers. I think the crate will be a real winner for those short trips where panniers are overkill.

My LHT is really a truck now and a more useful city bike than ever.

My one complaint with the crate is that it is a bit noisy. I'll cut some foam to sit on the bottom that will keep items inside from bouncing around and when I take it off next time I'll put some foam underneath between the rack and the crate to buffer that interface.


mike said...

bikes as trucks. the original sport utility vehicle... (is that xtracycle's tag line?)

love the crate mod. i'm working on a marine grade plywood prototype box, as well as a marine plywood and aluminum trailer...

looks like fun times at burning man.


Jerome said...

That's cool man. I've been toying with slapping a crate on one of my bike too.

Doug said...

If the milk crate doesn't work out, remember another tip from Kent P, there's always coroplast!