Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taifun Resting

Fall is upon us and I'm trying to get the Taifun out to enjoy the last few days of riding before winter settles in.


Jerome said...

I hear ya Vik. I hauled the Volae in the back of my truck today and I'll ride it home tonight and then back to work tomorrow. A wee little nip in the air is a constant reminder that our glorious days of carefree riding are upon us.

Soon it'll be time to shod the studs and ride my winter bike more than any others. Winter biking is a pretty fun season too though.


Anonymous said...

What, you guys are in Calgary not Edmonton. You have Chinooks all winter long, here in Ottawa all we get is freezing rain to warm up the temps. Ha Ha, can you tell where I lived in the 70's?