Monday, March 10, 2008

Ride to Cochrane

Biker Annie joined me on a ride out to Cochrane to visit a fellow BROL member - Cornell.

We had a nice visit with Cornell and his wife at their beautiful house. Thanks for the tea and snacks - we used up all those calories on the way home!

The wind was so strong on the way out that we couldn't break 40kph bombing down the uber steep Cochrane hill. Naturally when we turned back for home the wind come that always happens???

Riding back into Calgary as the sun set was particularly beautiful. Although note to self - always bring lights even when you don't plan on being out at night.

Another great ride in Sunny Southern Alberta....=-)


Alan B said...

Beautiful country!

"Naturally when we turned back for home the wind come that always happens???"

LOL.. There are no tailwinds. There are only headwinds and, "Wow, I'm feeling great today!" ;-)

Steve Fuller said...

There's something slightly wrong about taking the LHT out to visit someone from BROL. :)

Anonymous said...


It was a pleasure having both you and Anna visit. Next time stay a bit longer and hopefully this Summer we can go out for a ride around my "neck of the woods".