Monday, March 17, 2008

Keen's New Cycling Sandal

Update: REI has these sandals in stock currently and MEC is selling them for $119cdn in Canada. I had a look at the floor model in MEC and it looks like it will be too narrow for my feet. I'll have to try on my size to be sure. I was impressed with the construction. It looks like it will be a nice option for a SPD sandal if it fits you.

REI is currently selling Keen Cycling Sandals with a ship date of Jan 2008 @ $115. They look like typical keens although the image below seems to suggest a narrower footbed than is usual for Keen, but this could just be an issue with the aspect ratio of the photo - time will tell. I'll be interested to hear how they stack up to the other SPD sandal offerings from Shimano and Lake.

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Jerome said...

Hey Vik, thanks for the heads up. I bought a pair of regular keen sandal this past summer and never wanted to take them off. I was always wishing they have them with the SPD option. Mind you, I still need to give those Lake sandals you gave me a good run in. Cheers.