Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Life for an Old Ride

I didn't do much mtn biking in 2007. I spent all my time on the road getting long rides in on my bents. I even gave away my Rocky Mountain full suspension frame to a good friend who was jonesing to do some trail riding. Wouldn't you know it I started to get stoked about hitting the trails myself this year.

I have an old Schwinn Moab mtn bike I bought on sale in 2001 that has never been off-road. It has lived its life as an urban assault commuter bike and then as a winter bike. So I figured it was about time to give it a taste of dirt.

I stripped off all the cables and cleaned up the drive train and frame. I installed some Aztec Powerlines I've been wanting to try out for a while now - report to follow. I had a set of IRC Mythos XC tires looking for a home and a spare set of Time ATAC Control Z pedals. I even splurged with a new pair of Egron grips.

In a nod to its utilitarian past I left the Old Man Mountain Cold Springs rack on. Not uber cool for a bad ass mountain bike, but I'll be able to pick up some groceries or carry picnic supplies.

Now I just need the trails to dry out a bit from the snow melt and I'll be ripping it up again.

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Jerome said...

Right on Vik. Just one of the great bits of cycling, so many different ways to enjoy it. Cheers.