Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Got an Xtracycle for me?

I'm looking for a used Xtracycle SUB. I can use the 700c or the 26" version. They are $400USD new and I'd like to spend less than $300USD with price being dependent on condition. I need it to be complete with V-racks, Freeloaders and Snap Deck.

If you have one you'd like to liquidate drop me a line - thanks!


Jerome said...

Sweet! You're getting one too. Man I tell you, I wondered how on earth I've lived without one as long as I have. You are going to love having one. When my wife bought mine for Christmas for me, she said it took her 4 days of full time active searching. Mine finally came from a shop in Ottowa. Good luck on the search. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, long time no write to you! How are you doing? I am wondering if you have tried to contact the web site to get the prices. I think that the folks who have bought the Xtracycle are not going to be the type to be fad/fashionistas. Here is the link, tell Juergen you are a quasi member of HPVOoO and HPVOoT (I don't think they have give a name yet).


Vik said...

I'm doing great!

Juergen is a great guy and if I wanted to buy a brand new Xtra he would be my source for sure. I've got a non-critical project I want to try out so I figure I'll keep looking for something used. If I don't find one it isn't a big deal.

I agree Xtracycle folks will probably not part with their SUB, but you never know until you ask.