Thursday, November 13, 2008

Frequently Answered Questions...

I find myself spending quite a bit of time answering the same questions on online forums again and again. I don't for a second consider that I am an expert of any kind. There are far more technically knowledgeable folks out there and people that ride farther, faster, better and more often. Having said that I do have an engineering degree and a practical approach to bikes that works fine for me. I'm pretty good at doing some research and distilling the information I read into the most salient points.

Rather than trying to continually type out similar answers I'll be posting my responses to this blog so that I can reuse them again and again. Sure that's partly because I'm lazy, but it has the advantage of making the information more widely available and I can spend time updating/improving responses as I gather new information or my experiences dictate a change in opinion.

You'll see a new set of links on the right of the screen called "FAQ" where I'll list my Frequently Answered Questions.

BTW - if you want to correct or enhance anything I post in the FAQ section feel free to comment and I'll make changes as appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, I always wanted to know. Why is the sky blue? ;-)


Eric said...

Sooo like, uh, what kind of tires do you use?

hope the healing is going well Vik.

Vik said... guys are funny. I wasn't requesting questions from blog readers. I get enough of the from email lists and bike forums. I'll just post the good replies to common questions on here.