Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Salsa got cranked as well...

Photo: Salsa Blog

I posted recently how negative posting on forums was getting me down a bit. Tom commented in that post that Salsa's Blog had to shut down their comments section due to all the negative posting.

You can read Salsa's explanation here.

Too bad it has to come to this. I really like blogs you can comment on as it provides a way to communicate with the blog owner and other readers. That is a much more satisfying experience than the one way communication of read only blogs. I hope Salsa sorts out their comment moderation issues and enables commenting again.

I've had a few comments I've had to delete, but nothing serious.


Alan said...

The issue isn't blogs in general, but Blogger specifically. Blogging platforms such as WordPress and MoveableType have much more sophisticated tools to deal with spammers and trolls. A simple IP ban that takes less than a minute shuts out a troll immediately and permanently. Doing so sends a clear message that obnoxious behavior is not tolerated on a blog. Blogger would do well to follow the lead of other, more professional, blogging platforms by providing individual comment level moderation and IP blocking. In the meantime, Salsa would well to move to a pro blogging platform.

Alan @ EcoVelo

Vik said...

It's not just a specific blogging software or even blogs - it's a problem all over the net. What's sad is how much time and effort you have to spend keeping the problem kids out.

Duncan Watson said...

It would be nice to be able to IP ban and moderate comments directly with blogger. Though it is also annoying how this kind of Internet graffiti has become so popular.

xixiant said...

Man, it is so true. It's depressing that people can get so mad when they're talking about bicycling.

It reminds me to be proactive and counter the grumpy:

Hey, Vik! I know you through the Surly listserv and have enjoyed your blog for awhile. It's a great blog you've got going. Those penny farthing guys are so tough it's a little scary. Speedy recovery with your foot!

Steve Fuller said...

I've noticed lately that I'm getting blog spam on really old posts. Thankfully it's not a huge problem as my blog doesn't get a lot of comments. One or two every week or so are pretty easy to deal with.