Sunday, November 16, 2008

Radical Designs Recumbent Bags For Sale

Bags are sold...=-)

Top & Bottom Photo: Challenge Recumbents

I'm selling two Radical Designs Recumbent bags:
These bags are both brand new and still have the tags on them. I bough them for use on my Challenge Taifun, but ended up selling that bent and so have no further use for these bags.

They are exceptionally well made and will fit on any bent with a rear rack and a hardshell seat. They have reflective material for safety and each will hold 2 water bottles so you can carry 4 water bottles with these bags all at easy reach for long days of touring.

The side panniers come with a set of waterproof liners to keep your gear 100% dry. Note the bag fabric is waterproof on its own, but the seams are not sealed so extended rain will seep in. You can use these liners to keep things dry or you can apply a seam sealer [like for a tent] to waterproof the bags.

These are the bags being sold.

Prices [in USD]:
  • Panniers are $230 new + shipping - you can have mine for $170 shipped [North America]
  • waterproof pannier liners $25 new + shipping - you can have mine for $15 shipped
  • Seat Bag is $110 new + shipping - you can have mine for $90 shipped [North America]
  • You can have both for $250 shipped & I'll throw in the waterproof pannier liners for free.

I have two other Radical Deigns bags [Lowracer panniers & Solo Racer bag] which fit on my Fujin and I enjoy using them very much. If I need recumbent bags in the future Radical Designs will be my first stop.


Crosius said...

Question not really related:
Just how many teeth are on that big chainring in the bottom picture, anyway?

Vik said...

That's not my bike nor my photo so I can't really say.