Friday, July 04, 2008

Selling my Thorn Sherpa [frame & fork only]


After much deliberation I've decided to sell my Thorn Sherpa frame & fork. It's a great bike, but there is too much overlap with my Big Dummy and frankly I love riding the longtail so much I just don't see the Sherpa getting much use. The Sherpa is too nice a bike to let sit and gather dust so I'd like to get it out to someone who'll put lots of miles on it.

If you want to read more about why I'm selling it click here.

Here is what you get:
  • Thorn Sherpa 535L frame & fork in excellent condition [less than 600kms on it]
  • FSA Orbit XL headset
  • Shimano square taper BB [if you don't plan on using this I'll just keep it]
  • Thorn seat post
To read a review of this frame click here.

For specs and other details click here.

I'll ship it to your door anywhere in North America for $800USD which is the current MSRP. You save the shipping from the UK and customs/duties charges from the UK. Given the widespread cost increases on bikes I'd expect this frame to go up in price within the next few months.

I'll be away on tour and other holidays for about a month starting next Friday. If I receieve payment by Tuesday AM [8 July] I'll get the frame shipped to you before next Friday. If not I won't be back until mid to late August and will ship it then.

BTW - the price is not negotiable. If I don't get $800USD for it I'll just keep the bike to loan out to friends that don't have a touring rig.


bmike said...

Vik -

I'm looking for a touring / city / do everything bike for my wife.

What are the numbers and frame geometry for the bike? How tall are you?

Vik said...

Hey Mike - I'm 5' 11.5" the I have lots of seat post showing and an uncut fork so it would probably come down to the length of the TT.

You can check out the frame specs here:

It's a lovely frame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vik,

you wrote somewhere that you vowed to yourself to not buy any more bikes unless you'd sell one first - so does this mean that there is something new on the horizon? A folding, xtracycled lowracer maybe?

Trip (from BROL).

Vik said...

Trip - sort of....have a look at my Tikit Blog for an idea....=-)

STEWART said...

hi Vik,

I was wondering if you could help me out on a bit of a conundrum - involves a bit of storytelling from me, but bear with me...

So: i've been a road cyclist for a long time, but as age hits and time on the bike diminishes, i find i get less and less of a kick TRYING to blast along, and would like to change for something a little more,hmmm...pensive, thoughtful, something that appreciates not just the bike but also the surroundings - and so i hit upon an old dream of doing bike touring. BUT things as they are, you only really get out touring a few times a year - i live in holland and though it's super cycling friendly, it doesnt boast the most inspiring of landscapes (16 million in such a tiny space, leads to few true nature experiences) -so apart from weekend trips, the bike also needs to be fun to ride around on just if you wanna go for an unloaded spin on a summer evening.

so i actually found your blog while trying to find user comments on the Thorn Sherpa and i had pretty much decided on the Sherpa - until reading your posts on why you were selling. This coincided with discovering that there is in fact a Surly distributor here in Holland.

So now i have a luxurious choice of a) Sherpa b) Long Haul or c) Big Dummy (tho big dummy looks like so much fun, it worries me for storage)

What i'd love to see is a description of the comparative advantages and disadvantages as you see them, having owned all three.

PS i wont get a chance to ride ANY of the three before deciding on a purchase, something to keep in mind...

thanks again for a really fun blog - you would love cycle friendly holland, and i lived in copenhagen for 5 years, so i know the feeling of bicycles ruling the streets :-))))

travelvirgins said...

I am also curious as to the Pros and Cons between a LHT and a Sherpa.

Please drop me a line if you have the time to answer that!

Vik said...

I have a post specifically about the LHT vs. the Sherpa:

If you have any other questions just leave them here with your email and I'll be happy to answer them.