Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Diagnosis...

Cruising on my RANS Street

I went to see my friend who is a chiropractor as well as a cyclist, martial artist and rugby player. I don't have carpal tunnel, but I do have something wrong with my hand and elbow. I'd love to tell you all about it, but I totally got lost in what he was saying. Realizing I was in over my head I I asked the important questions - like "...can I ride a bike?..." and " I need to do anything like ice packs, stretching etc..?..." Being a cyclist himself he wasn't going to ban me from biking. Although he did add I shouldn't ride for excessive periods of time and maybe take a break from the Big Dummy. The good news is they won't have to cut my hand off and install a pirate hook...hahaha...=-)

Looking over my fleet I decided my RANS Street crank forward bike was the ideal ride for the next few days. It's fun and practical for riding around town. It puts very light weight on the hands and is easy to steer without having to grip the bars tightly. So I took the time to add some fenders and lights to it - tasks I've been procrastinating for some time.

I had a friend's BBQ to attend on the other side of downtown and after my loooooong road trip up north the last thing I want to do for the next few weeks is see the inside of a vehicle! So I grabbed the Street and headed out. This bike is not a high speed roadie killer, but it sure is fun when you are in a playful mood and want to explore. On my way to pick up Anna I stopped by the Folk Music Festival to check out the talent and talk to the folks maning the bicycle parking area - very cool idea! Although I said the Street isn't a race bike it is red so naturally I had to at least pretend race folks on the bike paths...=-)

Eventually I got to Anna's place and then to the BBQ where I saw a really old Bike Friday another guest had come on. The party was lots of fun, but by 11pm it was dark - unlike in the Yukon - and I figured if I drank anymore beer I'd be unable to navigate back home. I cranked up my lights and zoomed home with a long detour through the Folk Music Festival again. I was having so much fun just riding around aimlessly I lost track of time. This was my first ride on the Street since I installed some Avid disc brakes and Schwalbe Big Apples. I love having quiet brakes and big comfy tires.

It's nice to be back on a bike was a long 4 days of bikelessness...=-)

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