Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pre-Tour Bike Maintenance

The roughness of the Dempster Highway has me concerned enough to make sure I check over my Big Dummy really well. Last thing I want is a preventable mechanical problem on this ride.

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tim said...

Hi Vik,

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know I've really been enjoying your assorted blogs lately. I love all the great trip photos - and the big dummy blog is a lot of fun too.

In particular I really enjoyed the recent Icefields Parkway tour pics as I did the tour with my partner a few years back. It was fun to see many of the same sights again through a different camera. I just couldn't get over how many HUGE motorhomes - some bigger than houses I've lived in - were rolling along that road when we went - many of which were towing SUVs behind them?! Did you have the same problem? I didn't see any in the pics, but then despite it being one of the things that really stuck out in MY mind about the tour I didn't take a single picture of one either... The other thing that stuck out in my mind about the tour was how much I got to see that the people in those motorhomes would never have been able to see. That's what I took pictures of.

Good luck with the Dempster Highway tour! I'm quite looking forward to seeing your pics of that when you're back!