Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shopping with the Tikit


Anonymous said...

Nice job Vik, I hope you will do some more photos of places you have brought you Tikit. Or if you camera can handle the video, do a youtube of folding the Tikit and placing it in things like the shopping cart.

PS are you going to buy the attachment for the Xtracycle that allows you to carry a bicycle on a rack? That would sure get you some attention in Cowtown.


andy said...

Well done.

My own pics of shopping with Tikit in a different way are here

Now when I take my NWT with two orlieb backrollers, an ortlieb top bag AND the trailer I can carry a whole trolley load if I pack it carefully.


andy said...

oops - it truncated the URL, sorry.
Here's a shorter version


Vik said...

I have quite a few Tikit pics on my Tikit blog:

and on my Flickr page:

I'll keep taking pictures of the Tikit and I ride it the most often of all my bikes so there will be lots of different locations/activities documented. I'm not great with video, but I will take some as well...I need to get more skilled at the editing end of things.

I do have the Xtracycle bike carrier. Just rec'd it, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I agree that lack of attention won't be a problem riding the Big Dummy with a load!..=)

Vik said...

Thanks for the link to your pics Andy. I love your trailer - looks very nice.

If you'd be interested in doing s short write up about what you like about your BF and what you use it for I'd love to post it on my Tikit blog....sure it's a NWT, but that's family to a Tikit...=)

andy said...

I have both NWT and Tikit - which do you want written about ? The pics on the link are Tikit not NWT.

The trailer is a realistic way to pull HUGE loads with a tikit.


Vik said...

Hey Andy....the Tikit of course...sorry...I got confused....too much happening this AM.

Andrew said...

Perhaps a tikit owner could help with this. I might need a fold up bike for multi-mode trips including a subway ride in Toronto. No bikes are allowed on transit during rush hour. Is one of these small enough to stuff into a bag of some sort to stealth it from the ticket takers on public transit? I just started looking around, and I'm considering the tikit or a brompton.

Vik said...


Check out my Tikit Blog:

for photos of the Tikit folded and covered.

The Coles Notes version is that the Brompton folds smaller than the Tikit so it might be better for a really crowded subway. As far as getting a good fit, ride and ease/speed of fold I'd give the nod to the Tikit.