Friday, May 09, 2008

Karen's going Xtra...

Karen dropped off her old mountain bike last night so I could check it over and see if it needed any love prior to her Xtracycle arriving next week. I'm excited to see how the Free Radical conversion process goes and I am also looking forward to having another longtail rider in my neighbourhood so we can haul some ass

I'll be posting all the gory details about adding an Xtracycle to Karen's bike on my Big Dummy Blog, but I'll be sure to post a few pics of the finished product here for you.

Karen has already begun scheming about all the car trips she can replace with her Xtracycle rig. Although I think all my bikes are uber cool the Big Dummy/Xtracycle & the Bike Friday Tikit are the ones that are really sparking an interest amongst my friends and associates. I can't blame them - these bikes represent two very different, but equally effective approaches to practical cycling.


Moose said...

I am curious to find out how the Big Dummy and the Xtracycle handle hills.

Any comments so far?

Vik said...

The Big Dummy is easy to ride uphill with a 100+ passenger. Just pick a low gear and get into the rhythm. I find you ride these bikes differently because of the extra weight you are hauling you really get a feel for momentum and you learn to use it to your advantage. You won't be accelerating like a bat out of hell, but once you get that rig rolling she wants to keep moving...=-)

Come to cow town and you can get your dummy on...=-)