Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Putting the Dummy to the test...

I met up with a Bike Forums member [Graham] after work and we chatted about cargo bikes and the finer points of the Xtracycle concept. It was fun to talk to another avid cyclist. Graham gave the Dummy a spin and had a positive experience. Hopefully I'll have another Xtracyclist to ride with soon..=)


Antoine said...

I have enjoyed reading through some of your blogs this past week. You must spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer!

How are you enjoying using the Rohloff hub on the Dummy?

Vik said...

I work on a computer so "occasionally" I might even post something when I technically supposed to be doing grown up'm glad you enjoyed the blog[s]...=-)

The Rohloff has been a pleasant surprise...aside from the cost and the scarcity of has been quiet and painless to use. I also don't feel at any performance disadvantage so far. If as advertised I only have to change the oil every 5000kms and replace cables as needed I'll be pleased.

I would definitely consider something like this for a full time commuter bike - although I'd probably go for something less expensive like the SRAM internal geared hub.

Are you thinking of getting a Big Dummy/Xtracycle?

Antoine said...

I have been wanting an Xtracycle for years now but as I didn't have a suitable donor bike the plan changed to a Big Dummy build when Surly announced that project. I even started buying some components but Surly took so long to bring it to market that my enthusiasm (and my funds) waned.

It was going to be my main road bike and I realized a Dummy would not be practical for my work commute as I have to park my bike in a studio/office environment and I just don't think it would fit. My employers have been pretty tolerant as I often ride my Pugsley in and that's a big loud bike to have sitting in the corner of a work environment. A Dummy would probably be pushing my luck and would be a nightmare to maneuver up stairs and through doorways.

The incomes in New Zealand are far less than North America, our dollar is pitiful and cycling components cost at least twice what they do in the USA so a custom bike build is a large investment.

I have decided to get a cross-bike for next summer and make do with what I have for now. I figure something like a Surly Cross-Check will make a nice fast commuter and double as a pretend road bike and light tourer with the right tires.