Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm a Big Dummy....=)

I've been wanting an Xtracycle for a long time, but when Surly announced the Big Dummy was ready for sale I knew it had my name written all over it - thanks to John F @ Bow Cycle for making it happen. I went whole hog and built up a Big Dummy frame with a Rohloff hub - something I've also wanted to try for ages.

I won't bore you with too many details here, but if you want to know more click here. My long tail adventures have just begun...=)


Doug said...

Wow Vik!!!! I didn't realize you had this project underway. This is sooo cool! Just today I rode the Blue Truck to work. After work I ran by our Coop and carried home three full bags of groceries, plus all my work stuff. I had this odd feeling that I was no longer alone in this world of Xtracycling. Welcome to the club, and enjoy your Dummy. It's like going through a door you never realized was there until you find yourself on the other side and everything is XtraGood!

Jerome said...

Sweet my Man!!!!!!!

So this was the bike secret project you wouldn't tell me about??? Kudos VIK! I knew is was just a matter of time before you give up and give in. You will wondering (I'm sure you already do) what you ever did without one!! That's awesome and I'm so stoked for you! Plus, now we've got an incredible coricopia of information on the Xtra cycle via your new blog!

Glass way way up in the air......CHEERS!

Vik said...

Hey Doug/Jeremy,

I wanted to surprise you with the finished product. You guys were the final nail in the coffin - how could I resist getting some sort of Xtra-rig with all the Xtra-porn you guys posted???

You guys are Xtra-cool...I salute you!...=)

Ecuadave said...

The Xtracycle looks like a great way to haul stuff around town. That said, have you tried a BOB trailer and if so, how do you feel it compares with the Xtracycle?


Vik said...


I have had a BOB for about 10 years now -actually I'm on my second one. The BOB is a good trailer and was my first foray into utility cycling. In its favour it is less expensive than a Xtracycle and can be attached to most bikes in a few seconds. It cannot carry as much as an Xtra and doesn't deal as well with odd shaped loads. The BOB+bike is also a very long rig which is heard to maneuver.

I was about to sell my BOB now that I have a Big Dummy, but I have decided to keep it as it is so easy to add to a friend's bike or loan out to someone in need of some cargo capacity.

The most fun I have had so far on the Dummy is riding around town with a friend on the back chatting - something you can't do with a BOB.

fridrix said...

Can you attach the BOB to the Xtracycle? And don't you have a Surly Long Haul Trucker the same color?

Vik said...

I've seen someone attach a BOB to the back of an Xtracycle, but he fabricated a mount - didn't look hard, but it won't fit without a little bit of DIY work.

You'd end up with a reaaaaaallllllyyy long rig and the Xtracycle can haul 200lbs which is as much as most people really can move around.