Monday, November 12, 2007


Getting on the bus was easy with my folder, but that didn't stop me from taking the bus in the wrong direction. Luckily I built in a "dumb move" time cushion and was not late. A woman came and sat behind me so she could quiz me about my bike. She even wrote down the Dahon website URL saying she'd get her kids to look it up for her.

Urbane was bustling with odd people and nice is that the other way around?...=-) I was delighted to met a few more internet folks and got to check out some cool machines.

We almost had our own critical mass ride as we worked our way through downtown TO towards the water.

But the motorists couldn't get mad at a group that had so many kid stoked triplet bikes on it.

I'm sooooo glad I don't have a garage or I'd be tempted to own a velomobile. This one looked amazing gliding down the road and it would be so comfy on those cold Alberta days. I just gotta remind myself it is worth more than my truck.

We had just about one of every kind of bike represented.

Keili says "Hi!"

Heading out to the light house.

Roman's nice Corsa.

Carey's Bike Friday NWT

Vic G aka "The Smiley Pirate"

I really liked Vic's HPV Street Machine.

Click here to see our general route. Although we strayed far afield as we went in search of food after the ride.

Timmy's bike parking explosion.

A nice homebuilt CF trike.

My beast getting ready to fold down for the subway and bus rides home.


jun said...

great pictures as always, Vik. You have a good eye.

Steeker said...

the bike looks cool folded up on the bus, amazing it compacts so small