Monday, November 12, 2007

I've joined the fold...

I can definitely see why people are into folders and travel bikes. I haven't broken any PRs, but I've had loads of fun. My little 7 speed folder has a surprisingly good ride that allowed me to comfortably keep pace with the group. It was fun to pass other folks on full size bikes and gauge their reactions to my "little bike". It is also really handy to be able to ride to the nearest subway station fold the bike and get on a train for a cross town jaunt and then rapidly be mobile again. The riding position on the Dahon was comfortable for our 30km ride yesterday without any modification from stock. With a Brooks saddle and some small bar ends I could see myself riding 100kms on this bike as long as I had enough time to go at a moderate pace.

Photo by Vic G.

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Steeker said...

you really were zipping around on the green machine with a big smile..