Sunday, November 04, 2007

Got Dahon?

I bought a Dahon Speed D7 yesterday at The Urbane Cyclist. I couldn't help myself! 2 weeks in Ontario with lovely weather, lots of time on my hands and no bike made me a little nutty. I was busy getting ready for this project before I left so it might be closer to 3-4 weeks since I really got to ride a bike.

I knew I was losing it when I nearly bought a totally crap $150 folder at Walmart and then started looking at $300 crap mountain bikes. The only thing that stopped me was that I'd hate riding these nearly useless bikes and I didn't want to throw my money away.

I had been keen on the Dahon Speed TR, but the $1100.00 price tag convinced me I didn't need it that bad. Unfortunately I wasn't counting on the fact Urbane would have a really nice Dahon, fully equipped with fenders, rack, kickstand - in a colour I love and at a price that I could afford. In a what I thought was a cunning move I told myself to test ride it and I assumed that it would ride poorly which would harden my resolve to leave the shop bikeless. To my chagrin it was a really fun bike to ride. In fact it was a blast - I had an ear to ear "Folder-Grin".

The Lazy Randonneur rides again!!!!


Tex69 said...

Much congrats Vik. And you even have a worthy justification, seeing how you won't be with your normal wheels for weeks. Enjoy!

Steeker said...

Cool bike and it looked great driving around , how many centurys are you going to do on it

Steeker said...

WOW I was just showing my Dad how small that bike compacts for travel .. cool!

Jerome said...

Vik, I knew it! I knew you would get a folder. Congrats!