Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Virtual Bikes

My name is Vik and I have a bicycle problem. There I said it. I like trying new bikes - especially odd new bikes. The kind my LBS wouldn't ever stock. In fact the kind that my LBS is hesitant to even special order. As a result I end up buying new bikes on a regular basis. I got clever and got my last few bents used saving a lot of money and allowing me to resell them when I want without a huge loss. I even sold 3 bents in 2007 making a bit of room in my apartment. The trouble is I'm buying new bikes faster then I am selling the old ones.

So I've got a cunning plan to mitigate my problem - I'm going to buy loads of brand new bikes spec'd out just the way I want them and I'm going to tell you all about them on this blog. How is that cunning? Well I'm not going to actually buy them I'll just virtually buy them. A virtual bike costs way less than a real one, rides just how I expected it would and stores very easily. I can change the colour or spec or whole bike anytime I like. Sweet!

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Jerome said...

Hey Vik. Your problem is a good one! For you and for the rest of us that live in the environment. Interesting concept, virtual bike owning! That's something I could get into. I've tried fueling my passion by building up bikes that could be somewhat okay from old junk found at the recycling yard. Gathering up the different parts, stripping bikes down, re-configuring them is all fun and dandy, until you ride them. Only several times have I been happy with the result. Now specing out top notch steeds, that's more like it. I guess it would also get the Christmas wish list taken care of too!