Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bill's Thorn Comfort Bars

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Bill S [a Bike Forums member] on Friday and check out his lovely Thorn Nomad S&S. It's an impressive bike - very functional and much nicer looking than it appears on the Thorn website. I wish I had an opportunity to test ride it a bit more thoroughly, but that wasn't in the cards. My camera battery was dead so I wasn't able to snap any photos which is a shame.

This sort of encounter is why I love the internet. You get interested in an obscure product from the UK and a few search engines later you are looking at it, test riding it and chatting with someone who lives in your city and owns one.

Bill brought along a set of Thorn comfort bars he wasn't using for me to look at. I was interested in buying them and seeing how I found the shape/hand positions. To my surprise Bill very kindly gave them to me. Thanks Bill!...=-) I'm going to try them out on my winter MTB. They offer quite a bit of rise and more rearward sweep than typical MTB riser bars.

Here is what Thorn's PR spew says:

"The ultimate alloy riser bar for touring. Physio-designed geometry gives great confort levels. Expertly made of 1.8/3.0/1.8mm 2014 double butted Al Alloy. Generous 25.4mm dia centre section for bar bags, lights, computers etc followed by tight bends (to save space). Overall 620mm wide, 50mm rise, 190mm straight grip section each side, 40mm rearward sweep, 100mm straight section in centre, 25.4mm bar clamp. Weight 294g."

You can get them in quite a few different versions:

- alloy black
- alloy silver
- alloy silver [heavy duty version]
- carbon wrapped alloy
- carbon wrapped alloy [heavy duty version]


jonathan said...

My experience is that Thorn's prose can be flowery at best and downright exaggeration at worst. They do make really nice stuff though ( I am about to hop on my Thorn right now and ride to town).

Vik, I would be interested to know how you go with a Rohloff shifter and ergon grip on that right side. I have been considering trying the Thorn bars but their website mentions there not being room for the Rohloff shifter, a grip and bar ends which has really put me off as I would want the bar ends. They seem bloody wide too. Thats 50mm wider than the trekking bars I have on the Thorn right now.

Was that foot yours? What did you do to yourself? Been in the wars this summer(winter here) eh?

Take care mate


Jerome said...

Nice score. I'm interested to hear how you find those bars. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

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