Monday, August 25, 2008

Thorn Accessory Bar Gripshifter Mounting

I figured for the sake of completeness I'd post all the ways I know of mounting gripshifters on drop bars. In the photos above and below you can see the longer Thorn Accessory Bar 105mm [~$28] mounted on my Sherpa. I used the bar to lower my handle bar bag and free up real estate on the drop bar, but you can use the shorter 55mm version to mount a gripshifter near the stem. You could mount a gripshifter on the right and a light or bike computer on the left making it quite versatile.


megan said...

Hey Vik - completely unrelated to the post, but I don't suppose you know of anyone in Calgary who stocks Ortlieb gear?

Vik said...

I don't know of anyone who actually has any stock of these bags. There is a shop out in Okotoks [Rarified] that does sell Ortlieb, but you'd have to order in panniers as they mostly carry the messenger bag products.

I am friends with them and got a few items from them including my Rohloff. Nice people. 403.9394042. If you order from them they'll ship it to you in Canmore.

If you want to go online to a US shop I'd recommend

megan said...

Ah, thanks for that - from hunting round online it looked like noone really had anything in stock. I'm just trying to work out the best option for a handlebar/camera bag, and knowing the internal specs of the Ortlieb bags would be handy! (I'm trying to decide whether I should get a pelican case/Ortlieb bag/basket to put my Crumpler camera bag in/combination thereof).

Steeker said...

maybe I can adapt that on my trike for a light mount

JPTwins said...

I love revisiting very old posts!

I was hoping to use an old stem and a steel pipe to do this same thing, but upon removing my stem spacers, i realize a standard stem is too thick to fit both it and my actual handlebar stem onto the steering tube. Can you give me an idea of how much steering tube real-estate this takes up?

And I can't seem to find these online outside of the UK. any tips? thanks