Monday, August 18, 2008

Monster Fatbike

Wow...found this photo on the Fatbike Alaska Blog. It makes my Big Dummy look puny - yikes! I don't know where this bike is going, but I'm sure it will be a totally ridiculous trip....=-)

Update: Mike pointed me to Mike Curiak's page of snow bikes. Seems it dates from a design he was testing in 2007. I was right BTW - Mike's trips look quite ridiculously amazing.


miketually said...

It's one of Mike Curiak's older designs, for extended unsupported trips into the Alaskan wilderness. Yoy can see some of his bikes here:

Vik said...

Thanks for the link...=-)

HarmonyCreekBrewery said...

Also check out, home of the Fatback. It's available with 65, 80 or 100mm rims.