Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not baaaaaaaad!

I've heard lots of good things about wool clothing for cycling and decided to see for myself if it is true. I've been wearing a wool jersey from MEC [thanks Sarah!] and a some 3/4 tights from Ibex. So far they are both comfortable over a wide temperature range and don't seem to get smelly. Plus they do look more classy than their typical synthetic counterparts. I'll keep using them for a the majority of my training this spring and report back when it warms up and I switch to lighter garments.


Anonymous said...

Take wool to the North! The synthetics get you. I had the best there was available in synthetics (have wholesale access to the stuff). It just does not work as well as wool. In synthetics you start dry and warm and head slowly toward over warm then gradually to just right and a long slow swing toward cool and then borderline hypothermic. I caught myself getting into trouble a few times. Net trip it is wool.
All the best,

Pat Rodden

fridrix said...

I like wool and love the way the wool jerseys look. However, I don't think I'd use one much, being in SC where it tends toward the warm moist and humid side. Maybe next winter.

I don't know about the capri pants though. . . I guess that is the new thing.

billy said...

I've started using Merino wool. It's very soft on the skin and doesn't smell.
'Proper' cycling stuff is dear so I use charity shops.