Thursday, February 07, 2008

Out of Stock

I've been wanting to buy some Schwalbe Marathon XR 26" x 2.0" tires for the past few months, but Schwalbe North America has been out of stock. They seem like super nice people and have been very helpful when I asked a question or was able to order something they had in stock, but they really need to make more tires! I checked 4 different models I use and all were out of stock in the sizes I need.

I love ya Schwalbe, but I you gotta throw me a bone!

Update: they just got 26 x 2.0" XRs in stock - both folding and non-folding. Naturally when I went to order a 28-406 Stelvio that wasn't in stock. Oh well at least I got tires for my summer tour.

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