Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Filling a Vargo Triad Stove

I rec'd this stove as a X'mas gift and I am excited to try it out this summer on some camping trips to see what I think. I have primarily been a naphtha pressurized stove user. They work well, but this stove is much smaller + lighter and alcohol is an easy, safe & clean fuel to carry that is available universally.

One issue I'm having is you need to fuel up the stove through that small hole in the centre and they suggest using a bottle with a small nozzle so you can get the fuel in without spilling it all over. I'm trying to think of a suitable container that has such a nozzle and I'm drawing a blank. Anyone have a suggestion for something I could use?


Anonymous said...

I happen to have been looking at MiniBull stoves recently, and they have a couple nice-looking little fuel bottles as well at http://www.minibulldesign.com/fs2.htm

(mid-way down the page)

Vik said...

ahhhh....good thinking. I was focused on something with a pointy nozzle, but the type you linked to should work and I know I can get those around here no problem.


Jerome said...

I don't know if it would work with the fuel or not, but contact lens solution bottles have pointy nozzles and most of them open up so filling the bottle would take forever. ?? Cheers.

bmike said...

Hey Vik - grab a bottle from the folks @ Brasslite. You can measure the amount of fuel you want to use and then squirt it into the stove.

FWIW I've heard those Vargo's are a pain to get going. The Ti is not great at transferring and modulating heat - so they take awhile to prime to get the jets going.

I'm a fan of my $13 Trangia burner - and it has the capacity to store 3oz of fuel in the stove itself - and it simmers!

Welcome to alky cooking! Definitely a quieter and lighter way to cook on the road or trail than the white gas or canister stoves.

Anonymous said...

Alky cooking is the way to go for small/simple meals. That said, the Vargo Triad is one of the poorest performing alky stove available.
Check out multiple reviews here:


Joe said...

I too have been very disappointed with the Vargo. It does look pretty neat but actual function is very very poor compared to other alcohol stoves.