Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I need a 100mm MTB Fork...

Update: I got a new 2008 Fox F100 RLC from Ebay at 65% the cost of a new 2009 model. I rarely use EBay, but this time it proved useful. Problem solved.

I need a 100m travel MTB suspension fork for a project I'm building and just wanted to see if anyone out there had something they wanted to sell. If I was buying new I'd order up a Fox Talas 32 140RLC or a Fox 32 F100RLC. I'm willing to take a fork from any of the major players that's in good condition - say with at least 60% of its service life left. I need about 160mm of steerer left on the fork so if it's cut shorter than that I won't be able to use it. Stiffness and smooth action are more important to me than bling or lightweight. More than 100mm travel is okay if I can adjust the travel down to 100mm.

Drop me an email or comment if you have anything you would like to part with - thanks!

BTW - if anyone knows of any killer deals on new Fox forks I'd be happy to buy a 2008 model brand new if the price was right.


Jerome said...

Sorry I can't help wiht your inquiry. But, I am very curious what this up and coming project is. Any chance you'd be sharing it with us? Or, must we wait until it's done? Cheers and good luck finding a fork.

Vik said...

If I told you I'd have to kill you! hahahaha....actually I can sort of tell you...I am replacing my old Schwinn Moab MTB with some old bits and some new bits...the details are a secret until I validate the wisdom of my choices, but ultimately I wanted to have a new MTB for trail riding. Nothing too radical.