Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goodbye Taifun

I took the Taifun to the UPS Store on Friday so it can start its journey to a new owner. Naturally I used the Surly Big Dummy to haul the bike box.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that your affair with Bents seems to be over. I have both and a bit more room than you I guess. But overall, it's the task and venue that matters.

I commute 20 miles round daily on an old MB2 Bridgestone that I have rigged for night and winter riding. Very nice and steady ride. I use the Volae Exp Pro ES for touring with my wife on 20-40 milers--comfy, can be ridden a little slow if necessary, and widescreen.

I have classics like a Merlin Ti Road and a Kestrel 4000 (my old Maserati) for the Sunday rides with friends -- both very fast, but at 60, I couldn't care less any more if I avg 15.

Then there is the CRush I just ordered to replace the GRR I just totaled when hit by a pick up a month ago. Can't wait. But I need em all and will likely buy a few more along the way.

Vik said...

If I had one friend who liked to ride bents I'd be all over it. I'm just not overly keen on spending my cycling time out on the highway by myself.

It's too bad, but it's hard enough to get people to ride bikes as it is. Adding in a specialized & expensive bike into the mix doesn't help!

I am keeping my Fujin SL and hopefully will get some more bent riding in next year. We'll see...