Monday, June 25, 2007

Rocket Crash

Sarah's rear Primo Comet was cut badly on our Sunday ride. Not my favourite tires they were bound to get swapped out at some point, but she needed a replacement to keep on trucking.

Luckily I had a 20" [406] Schwalbe Marathon in my spare parts bin. I always knew buying way too many tires would pay off at some point! I've ordered her one of the new version marathon tire for the front of her bike and we'll keep the other Comet as a spare.

I'll show Sarah how to replace her tire and patch the flat tube. Vital skills for a bicycle enthusiast.

Her rear brake lever was also toast and needed replacing.

Once again my spare parts bin came to the rescue with a new Tektro lever.

I don't mind helping out my GF with bike repairs, but one thing I won't do is clean someone else's bike - I don't care how cute they are!...=-)~

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Steeker said...

won't clean her bike wwwwwwwwwwack I hear a slap ;-)