Friday, November 10, 2006

Why Avid Mechanical Disc Brakes Rock....

I have used just about every kind of braking system from coaster brakes to v-brakes to cantis, to dual pivot caliper brakes - nothing stops as well and as reliably in all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrain.

Avid's are:
- inexpensive
- simple
- easy tool free adjustment
- easy tool free pad replacement
- field repairable
- fade free braking on long steep descents
- excellent performance in wet or snowy conditions
- don't wear out your rims
- don't overheat your rims

The downsides are:
- higher weight than other brakes
- require more wheel dish than other brakes
- can only use disc wheels

For my money the Avids win hands down if you want trouble free braking in all weather conditions and in steep terrain - like a brevet for example.

I can't imagine buying another bike that doesn't sport a pair of these fine stoppers.


Anonymous said...

What about a set of Juicy 7's? Lighter... no cable to lube... but perhaps more muss & fuss out on the road should something go sideways?


Anonymous said...

Did you get these on your thorn?

I'm making like Wobbles with the belt and suspender: I'm having both Paul cantis and the BB7s on my world bike. So far I have the fork the brake the hub.and some parts. It may take a while.

Vik said...

You know when I wrote that I was pretty convinced about discs on a tourer, but the more I thought about it they don't make sense. They weight more, cost more, are easily damaged and difficult to get replacement parts overseas.

I am still totally sold on using discs on any bike I ride at home. They are a better choice as long as you can get spare parts for them.

BTW - Thorn is totally against discs on a bike with a rigid fork. Their website makes a compelling case why.